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The idea behind the brand was born in a truck driving down Highway 45 to College Station, TX. After brainstorming on napkins for the nearly 4 hour drive from Dallas, Co-Founders Chris & Alyssa Prosser decided to bring this idea to life.

Coach Chris

Coach Chris (a.k.a The Gainz Doc) has been personal training one-on-one and online since September of 2014. Between personal training in a gym and online coaching Chris has been able to work with over 100 clients from 8 states around the country. From competitive bodybuilders, future brides losing weight for their wedding, and corporate professionals, his practical skill set is not limited to just one population of individuals. With weekly check-ins, to daily conversations, Chris always puts in the time for his clients to hold each and every one accountable. Chris’ passion for health and fitness is manifested in the time and effort that is put into making sure that his clients succeed. 

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Our approch

We are not your typical run of the mill online coaching service. We recognize that you are always a couple clicks away from being able to download a nutrition or training program – absolutely free – that is why we provide much more than just the science framework to achieving your goals. Here our the three things we provide our clients to not just give information and knowledge, but give them tools to take action and transform themselves

1.) We provide the training & nutrition foundation you will need to cover the physical requirements of your transformation. These programs are based on science and adapted to your specific body type, preferences, and progress.

2.) We provide an exclusive community where current and former clients can interact, ask questions, help one another and also attend FREE live educational sessions covering a range of topics from meal prep to mental health.

3) We provide 1:1 coaching. Like it is mentioned above, transforming your life is not going to happen with a simple training and nutrition program in your hands. We take the time to coach our clients not just in the gym but in life – we want to take your identity, whatever it may be, and transform it into a winner. Not just in the gym, but in your day-to-day life.

We look forward to expanding upon the incredible growth that we have seen since 2015 and we invite you to be a part of the movement!

“There is good to come from physical training, howerver godliness holds value in all things. holding promise in the current life and the one to come” Timothy 4:8


Through Rock Rep Fitness you will have access to get a plan that is personalized to meet your needs through a variety of package offerings.

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Rock Rep Fitness has helped dozens of people in Dallas TX change their lives and find the new them. Take a look at some of the reviews from people that have benefited from the personal training offered by Rock Rep Fitness.